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Research and Development

This unit deals with research, development, quality assurance, capacity building, collaboration with relevant stakeholders and international obligations

Research, Quality Management and Capacity Building

This section deals with the following:

  • Coordination of all research activities 
  • Surveys, field tests in matters of national importance 
  • Formulation and implementation of collaborations and memorandum of understanding with institutions of higher learning and colleges 
  • Evaluation and approval of research activities being undertaken at the division
  • Coordination of capacity building programs for the branches
  • Relevant government agencies and other laboratories
  • Administration and custody of scientific data derived from research
  • Publications, development and evaluation of new methodologies and techniques
  • Coordination of departmental seminars, conferences, workshops and symposiums
  • Quality assurance and accreditation

Linkages and collaborations

This section deals with the following:

  • Participation in technical committees on standards, scientific boards, curriculum development, formulation and reviews of scientific policies
  • Domestication and implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) as the National Focal Point 

This section coordinates all activities under the CWC convention that include capacity building, declarations and conduct inspection of scheduled chemicals. Report on status of protection capability towards control of chemical weapons agents and precursors. Under the obligation of the convention, the section conducts education and outreach programs towards its implementation.

The section is the secretariat to the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) initiative. The division undertakes CBRN risk mitigation as the national focal point. Under this role, it is tasked with the coordination of matters on technical expertise on CBRN response to response organisations e.g. Red Cross, the Police, among others.