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Analytical Laboratory Services

This division deals with chemical analysis of water, foods, drugs and chemical substances for quality and conformance with national and international standards. The unit is a key stakeholder in the formulation of National and international standards, scientific policies and laboratory assessments. Officers in this unit also provide technical support and collection of samples as well as presentation of expert evidence in courts of law.

It is divided into specialty sections:


This section deals with analysis of foods, drugs and chemical substances for quality and conformance with standards for:

  • Fitness for human consumption and compliance with National Standards in foods, drugs and chemical substances
  • Contaminants like methanol, pesticides and metals in foods and drinks
  • Aflatoxins mainly in cereals and cereal related products
  • Identification of unknown chemical substances


This section deals with analysis of:

  • Water for fitness for human consumption and other uses like irrigation
  • Waste water before discharge into rivers, public sewers and the general environment


This section deals with analysis of:

  • Chemical substances in body specimens in cases of poisoning and suspected poisoning mainly from hospital patients
  • Drug and substance abuse in human body fluids mainly from students


This section deals with the following functions; operation of the equipment and machines, calibration, routine and scheduled maintenance in conformance with the manufacturer’s instructions, development of technical specifications and evaluation for all equipment, development and implementation of standard operation procedures, preparation of standards, formulation and implementation of equipment service contract.