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The mandate of the Department is derived from various legal provisions namely; Interpretation and General Provisions Act Cap 2, The Penal Code Act Cap 63, The Evidence Act Cap 80, Sexual Offences Act 2006, Cap 62, Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act Cap 254, The Pharmacy and Poisons Act Cap 244, The Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (control) Act, Cap 245, Pests Control products Act, Cap 346, Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, Cap 121A, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Cap 514, Standards Act Cap 496, Water Act 2002, Cap 372, Anti-counterfeit Agency Act Cap 130A, The Environmental Management and Coordination Act, among other national legal statutes.

It is within the provisions of these statutes that the Government Chemist Department is mandated to carry out the following functions:

  • Provision of forensic science services for the criminal justice system.
  • Provision of analytical Laboratory services for food safety and Public health safety.
  • Provision of scientific crime scene support services to the law enforcement agencies.
  • Provision of technical reports and expert evidence in courts of law for the administration of justice;
  • Provide investigators in corruption cases with treatment chemicals and analysis of evidential materials obtained thereafter.
  • Undertaking research, surveys and field tests in forensic science and Chemical matters of national importance;
  • Participation in technical committees on standards, scientific boards, curriculum development, formulation and reviews of scientific policies;
  • Undertaking research, surveys and investigations in forensic science and cases of national importance such as; Corruption cases, drugs of abuse and new psychoactive substances, fire incidents and Methanol poisoning in alcoholic drinks
  • Participate in Mass fatality investigations during terrorism attacks and other disasters eg victim identification.
  • Implementation/domestication of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in the country as the National Focal Point.
  • Coordinate matters related to chemicals under the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) risk mitigation initiative.
  • Capacity building to stakeholders in scientific matters.
  • training of investigating officers on managing forensic evidential material from crime scenes.


    The Department comprises of three major divisions namely; Forensic science, Analytical and Research, Development and Quality Assurance.

    Our Services

    Forensic Science Laboratory Division
    For scientific analysis and other procedures for purposes of administration of justice and general investigation.
    For chemical analysis of water, foods, drugs and chemical substances for quality and conformance with national and international standards.
    For research, development, quality assurance, capacity building, collaboration with relevant stakeholders and international obligations.